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Bank messages by SMS

  • Simple and convenient way to obtain required information any time

Information about account status and related changes

When shopping, walking down the street, on the bus or from any location  in Lithuania you may send an inquiry via  SMS text message about your accounts, related changes, certain financial transactions or services and we will send you the information you need immediately. If you sign up for an automated SMS text message service, you will always receive a message immediately when money is credited to your account or debited from it or if the exchange rate of the currency you are interested in has changed.

About the service

What message can you receive from us?

If you sign up for the automated SMS text message service, we will send the automated SMS text messages regarding:

  • changes in your account (revenue and expenditure)
  • received e-invoices 
  • rejected payment orders 
  • cases when the received e-invoice amount exceeds the automated payment limit 
  • agreement expiry date

Price list

Service / Transaction Fee
SMS text message received from the bank EUR 0.15*

The fee will be debited form your bank account or payment card account specified in the E-service Agreement for your text messages sent yesterday.

*Service is free of charge for private individuals of retirement age determined by the Law on State Social Insurance Pensions from 1 July till 31 December 2024.

How to sign up for the service?

If you did not sign the E-service Agreement, the SMS Service Agreement can be concluded in two ways:

  • by visiting any unit of SEB bankas. When going to the bank, do not forget your identity document – your passport or identity card
  • if you signed the E-service Agreement, you may enter into the SMS Service Agreement via the Internet Bank by selecting menu items “Other services and settings“ -> “SMS notifications“

Before starting to use the service, please familiarize with the service terms and conditions 

Terms and conditions of SMS notification services

All e-service agreements, terms and conditions and rules are available here.