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Stocks give the opportunity to invest in a company by acquiring an equity share, in return receiving a share in the company and distributed profits (dividends), if the company decides to distribute profit. Stocks are intended for investors who are willing to assume a higher financial risk. 
The acquisition of stocks can serve as a long-term investment to derive income from dividends disbursed by the company as well as a short-term investment to derive income from the variation in stock prices.

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  • Intended for experienced investors
  • Ability to invest directly in various companies
  • You can buy the stocks of the Baltic as well as overseas companies on many major stock exchanges
  • Fluctuations of the return on investments are higher in comparison to the change in the price of debt securities or units of traditional investment funds
  • Stocks are traded on foreign markets; therefore, exchange rate fluctuations may influence the return on investments
  • There is a risk of losing some or all of the invested funds


Pricing of  investment products depends largely on the market you are planning to invest in. However, you should consider with the following fees:

  • Securities account opening which is free of charge
  • Brokerage fee when you buy or sell
  • Monthly safekeeping fee
  • A financial transaction tax may apply in some countries

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