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Investment funds

An investment fund is a collective asset pooled by numerous investors, its management being entrusted to a management company, which invests according to a defined strategy and the terms ant conditions set forth in a fund’s prospectus. In order to reduce the risk and to achieve a desirable return on investment, funds invest in portfolios rather than in individual securities; therefore the value of a single security does not determine the final results.

Investment funds are appropriate investment vehicles if you wish to allot your investments among equities, bonds or alternative asset classes. However, you must be aware that the greater benefit you seek, the higher the risk. You can mitigate the investment portfolio risk by investing your funds for longer periods of time.

  • SEB Strategy Funds

    SEB Strategy Funds

    Based on the market situation, the most appealing investment opportunities and risk chosen by you, we diversify investments by investing in seven asset classes, which helps to manage the risk and achieve a steadier return.

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  • Equity funds

    Equity funds

    Equity funds invest in shares of carefully selected companies. These funds are suitable for individuals aiming at a higher rate of return, hence capable of taking a high risk and preserving the investments for a long time.

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  • Bond funds

    Bond funds

    Depending on the strategy of investment, bond funds may invest in corporate or governmental bonds bearing various risks and duration, therefore you can opt for them in case of both a long-term and a short-term investment.

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  • Alternative investment funds

    Alternative investment funds

    The latter funds aim at a highest possible (absolute) rate of return in any market conditions. Based on economic trends and price variations, these funds invest in various markets and in various financial instruments.

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  • Private equity funds

    Private equity funds

    If you decide on private equity funds, you have the opportunity to invest in companies which are not listed in stock exchanges. These funds are the best option if you seek a return higher than that gained in stock market and accept a high risk.

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  • Investment in funds – ABC

    Investment in funds – ABC

    Anyone can invest in funds, no matter whether you want to invest a large amount at a time or tend to invest small amounts periodically. You should make your choice based on your objectives, the desirable duration of investment and the acceptable risk.

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We recommend that before you sign any financial service agreement you read the service terms carefully and consult the staff of the bank if you need to.

This is promotional information about the investment services available from SEB bank. It cannot be construed as a recommendation, order or invitation to buy or sell specific financial instruments and may not constitute any basis or part of any subsequent transaction. Although this information is based on sources deemed to be reliable, SEB bank cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or losses which may be incurred by investors relying on such information. Taxation-related information may change in the future and become no longer applicable in your particular case.

Return on investments is exposed to risks: the value of investments may both rise and fall during the investment period. If the return on investments is positive at one time, there is no guarantee that it will remain such in future. In certain cases, losses may exceed the sum of the original investment. If investment is made in financial instruments denominated in foreign currencies, changes in the exchange rate may affect the return on investment. You are responsible for your investment solutions; therefore, before making the decision to invest, you should carefully review all the relevant documents, prospects of funds, structural and other financial instruments.

Please note that the services described here are not intended for investors within the jurisdiction other than that of SEB bank units providing these services and investment opportunities, authorisation to invest and investing in locations of certain jurisdictions, including the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Australia, may be unlawful. SEB bank may not advise on investment issues, promote investments, solicit or offer investments where any such may be unlawful. If you live or read information on this website at a location within the jurisdiction other than the one of the SEB bank unit which provides this information, you are responsible for compliance with the laws and other legal acts which may be applicable to you. If you need more information, please contact your SEB bank account manager or any SEB bank unit.


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