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Balconies with green plants

Green microloan for business

To support sustainable business decisions,
we have special offer for purchase of solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and electric car charging stations

Interest rate from

2.9 %

with a 3-month EURIBOR

Up to

7 years

 loan term

Financing up to

40 000 EUR

Maximum funding without collateral

Financing up to

100 000

Maximum funding without collateral if there is a portfolio INVEGA guarantee

Solar panels, wind turbines and batteries

Invest into renewable energy not monthly bills


  • Loan without collateral
  • Environment friendly solution that will reduce your Co2 emission
  • Reduce of Your monthly electric bills
  • Easy to get
  • Exceptional margin

Electric car charging stations

Offer your customers and employees possibility to charge e-cars


  • Loan without collateral
  • Environment friendly solution that will reduce your footprint
  • Easy to get
  • Exceptional margin

Price list

Services Charges
Annual interest rate as agreed

Administration fee for:

  • the loan granting
  • loan maturity extension
  • increase in the loan amount1

from 0.6 per cent of the loan amount,
min EUR 500.00

Credit project analysis and assessment, bank certification or approval issuance 50 per cent administration fee, however, no less than EUR 300.00. Upon entering into a credit agreement it is included into a relevant administration fee.
Commitment fee from 0.7 per cent of non drawn-down loan amount
Loan pre-payment fee min 1 per cent of the prepaid amount (depending on the loan maturity)
Uninsured Collateral Administration Fee (applied if a collateral is a residential real estate object) EUR 20.00 per month
The fee is charged if the collateral is not insured for more than 30 days
Amendment of terms under the loan agreement terms2 if:
1) the loan currency is changed
2) fixed interest rate is replaced with variable interest rate and vice versa
3) variable interest rate portion adjustment period is changed
4) fixed interest rate determination period, start and end is changed
If variable interest rate is applied:
  • 1 per cent of the credit amount, minimum EUR 500.00 on the interest rate adjustment date
  • 1.5 per cent of the credit amount, minimum EUR 500.00 on other days
If fixed interest is applied:
year(s) until expiry of fixed interest rate period percent of the loan amount, min EUR 500.00
up to 1 year 1
1–2 years (inclusive) 1.5
2–3 years (inclusive) 2
3–7 years (inclusive) 2.5
7–10 years (inclusive) 3
more than 10 years 3.5
Amendment of terms in any other cases as agreed, min EUR 500.00

1 The fee is calculated of increase in the loan amount.

2 The fee is not applied in the event of the loan maturity extension or increase in the loan amount.

Required documents

  • A completed loan application
  • The latest annual report with the transcript of balance sheet and profit or loss account items
  • Technical project

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Renew your car fleet

To support sustainable decisions in your daily life we offer special interest rate for battery powered electric vehicles.