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Meet employees in Product Development and Tech

Birutė Beniušytė

„We can influence business decisions and drive future solutions.“

In recent years, we at SEB paid a lot of attention to develop new solutions for customers and accelerate digital development. We have assembled Product development and tech team in the Baltic countries with the aim to strengthen the agile way of working, to enable the faster response to change. Further investments, extensive recruitment, and the development of new solutions are planned for this year in this business area. Birutė Beniušytė, Head of Baltic Product Development and Technology, discusses the future.

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Simonas Juodis

„The product we are currently developing with a team will be used on a daily basis by financial institutions.“

Simonas Juodis is a senior software developer in the Savings and Investments team of SEB. Since being a school student, Simonas knew he wanted to master the field of IT and technology. Therefore, he chose to pursue both his studies and career in that direction. He emphasises that the work of a software developer requires a creative approach, attention to detail, and analytical mindset. The greatest satisfaction in this job stems from creating new things and opportunities, as well as influencing many processes.

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Irmina Švambarė

„Our job is to turn chaos into structure and order.“

Irmina Švambarė is a project manager in SEB bank’s Baltic Portfolio and Project Management team. Together with her colleagues she is responsible for managing large and complex, cross-functional projects and implementing changes. “Our job is to turn chaos into structure and order” - this is how she figuratively describes how ideas are shaped into concrete initiatives and actions.

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Danielius Barkovskis

„There is no such thing as a routine while working in technology field.“

Danielius Barkovskis is one of those solution architects who has been involved with technology since childhood. After receiving his first computer at the age of eight, he became involved in its construction and operation and shortly thereafter developed his first game server. “It was since then that I knew which field I would pursue as a career and there was not a week that passed without me learning something new,” writes Daniel in his LinkedIn profile. Programming and technology – it is not just his job, but also occupy a great deal of his free time.

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„15 years working in a bank – not a day that has ever been the same.“

Ingrida Savaikaitė is a business developer in private lending area and has worked at SEB bank for 15 years. Throughout her career, she has gained experience in various roles at the bank and believes there is always more to learn. “I will continue to develop in the direction that interests me most,” she says and recommends SEB bank as a place to work with friendly colleagues and inspiring work tasks.

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Gintaras Namavičius

“Stability and development opportunities are main advantages of being an employee in a large organization.”

Gintaras Namavičius joined SEB bank in 2021. Currently he is leading Core and Application Team. Over the course of his career Gintaras has worked for several companies and was immediately impressed by SEB’s unique work culture, characterised by responsive and helpful colleagues.

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Kornelius Pacevicus

“Jobs in software development – a path to future opportunities and solutions.”

Kornelijus Pacevičius is a software developer. He joined SEB bank as a trainee and now continues his career journey at SEB as an employee since last year. The solutions his team develops create new opportunities for the bank’s customers and make the work of his colleagues in the bank much easier – this is what inspires Kornelijus the most.

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Ernestas Bartkevičius

„Bank is a driver for a lasting change.“

Ernestas Bartkevičius is a Head of Identity and Access Management at SEB bank. He is leading a growing technology area where professionals with the right skillset are in a very high demand. He joined SEB team quite recently - October of 2022. Ernestas has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve and how. For Ernestas, working at the bank is not just about financial products and services. It is also about having a lasting impact on society.

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Vaida Garbauskė

„I think you should never be afraid to change your career path and try new things.“

Vaida Garbauskė started her career at SEB almost without any experience in tech, but with sparkling eyes and with the motivation to move mountains. Now she works as a scrum master for three teams of IT professionals and represents SEB in tech career events and tech conferences. Want to know what led her from linguistics to tech?

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Laima Remeikaitė

„The change will happen if you believe in yourself and desire it.“

Laima Remeikaitė works at the bank’s recently established Quality Assurance Competence Centre in Common Way unit. Four years ago, Laima decided to change her career path radically, went to Vilnius Coding School to learn testing and became a software tester. She advises people who are thinking about a possible career change to be brave and try something new. Laima recommends SEB bank as a great place to learn and start your career in a supportive team.

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“Change is the biggest motivator.”

Simonas Dakanis has been working in the SEB team since 2019 and currently leads bank’s Collaboration and Communication team. Simonas has been involved in the field of IT and technology for over 15 years now. All the modern technologies available to us are the driving force motivating him. At SEB bank, he appreciates the freedom that allows people to be creative and offer something new.

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