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Information for holders of payment protection insurance


This information is aimed at customers who have already taken out payment protection insurance with Genworth Financial.

Benefits to insurance

If an insured event occurs, i.e. if you lose job or get seriously ill:

  • The insurance company will pay your loan instalments and interest for up to 2 years
  • You'll retain your good reputation of a borrower
  • For that period you can devote yourself to recovering your health or seeking a new job

This insurance does not depend on other benefits or payments you receive, for instance, from social insurance authorities, the labour exchange or an insurance company.

Basic terms of the insurance contract

  1. Loan instalments can be paid on your behalf if one of the following occurs:
  • you lose job against your will or become unable to work due to an accident or illness (if you work under an employment contract)
  • you become unable to work due to an accident or illness and you have to be hospitalised (if you are engaged in individual activity)
  1. The benefit amount is restricted to twelve of your insurance premiums per insured event. Should more than one insured event occur, loan instalments can be paid on your behalf for up to 2 years.

Credit Instalment Insurance Rules (PDF, LT)

The service is offered in cooperation with Europe’s leader in solvency insurance, Genworth Financial.

When an insured event occurs

If an accident has occurred or you have questions regarding your payment protection insurance, please contact your insurer Genworth Financial:

You can also apply for information to your loan client executive.