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Bill payments


Once you’ve tried to make payments online, you will probably not want to pay in any other way. Making payments via the Internet Bank is not only more convenient, but also more economic compared to visiting a sub-branch. Subscribing to a service plan at your choice allows you to make payments free of charge.

  • It is easy and convenient to find an appropriate service provider
  • Simply enter your details in the electronic payment order form 
  • If you save your initially completed form, you won’t have to complete it the next time


How to make payments?

  1. Access the Internet Bank.
  2. Select “Payments” - “Fees and charges” from the main menu.
  3. In the search field enter the name of the company to which you want to pay or a relevant payment code. If you cannot find the company or payment you need in the list, you can make a regular money transfer, i.e. select “Payment” - “New payment”. All you have to know is the payee’s main details (bank account number, company code, etc.).
  4. Click the “New Payment” button to the right of the name of a relevant company and fill out the displayed payment order form.
  5. Complete the form, select “Save to the Template List” and enter the name of the payment order template in the line below. Your template is thus created and there will be no need for you to complete it again when you pay the same fee or instalment next time. Click the “Confirm” button. If you are going to make more payments and would like to approve all your payment orders together, select “Save and enter a new one”.
  6. Check the entered data. Click “Edit Data” to make any adjustment you need. If all the details are OK, confirm your payment order by clicking “Confirm”.
  7. To make another payment, start the session from step three.

Price list

Fees and charges At sub-branch Online
Payment using a bill  payment form
- EUR 0.29