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Periodic transfer


Your money will be transferred in due time

  • Set the amount that must be transferred, to whom and how frequently
  • You won't have to do a thing because the money will be transferred automatically
  • Use to your own advantage by automatically making savings in a deposit or pension fund 

Apply via Internet bank

If you have to transfer a fixed amount to the same payee at regular intervals (say, monthly or weekly), use this service to forget about the money transfers as this will be done automatically at the required time. You can cancel the service or change its terms anytime.

When is it worth choosing this service?

This is the best solution for making regular payments of the same amount to the same beneficiary, such as monthly payments for rent or pocket money for a child. You can also use it to automatically transfer money to your pension fund or cover insurance, loan or leasing payments because a fixed amount is transferred to service providers at agreed intervals.

Transfers can be made among your own accounts, as well as the account of another person or company in Lithuania or abroad. If necessary, you can also transfer money in currencies other than euros – the currency will be exchanged according to the valid exchange rate. 


Service If the order is given at the Bank If the order is given via the Internet
Conclusion of standing order agreement EUR 31 free of charge
Money transfer under a standing order agreement Fee which would be applied to the customer for the same type of payment order provided via the Internet is charged Fee which would be applied to the customer for the same type of payment order provided via the Internet is charged

1 Charges are not applied if money are transferred between customer’s own accounts for purchase of saving and investment instruments. Charges also are not applied if funds are transferred to SEB Bank account with purpose to cover customer’s liabilities to SEB Bank.

Set up easily online

Log in to the internet bank, select "Payments" – “Other payments” – "Standing orders ", fill in the required fields and confirm the application.

If you are unable to set up the standing order in the internet bank, you can book a meeting at any branch of SEB. Remember to take your personal identity document.

Standing payment order

Standing order agreement