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Robo-Advisor –
a simple way to invest


Receive a personalised investment solution in the SEB mobile app 24/7

From an idea to a suitable solution in only 15 minutes

Invest with as little as 1 euro

No previous investment experience is needed

Choose between two ways of investment solutions

Advice on Funds

You will receive an advice to invest in one of the actively-managed and diversified SEB group funds.

  • Minimum investment amount – 1 Eur
  • We will recommend where to invest. However, you will have to make all further investment-related decisions (when and how to make changes in investments, etc.) yourself
  • After the recommendation period expires the investment may not be suitable for you anymore. We don’t provide an automatic reassessment of suitability – to receive a new recommendation, you can go through the Robo-Advisor setup at any time

Fees. If you decide to invest in the recommended fund, the fund administration fee (0.42%) and fund ongoing charges (0.77-1.22%) apply, which would total from 1.19% to maximum 1.64% per annum from the sum invested.

For example, per every 100 Eur you invest, the annual costs and charges to be paid by you would be from around 1.19 Eur to 1.64 Eur.

No additional fee for the recommendation of the fund is applied.

ETF Portfolio Management

Money will be invested in portfolio which consists of up to 10 passively-managed exchange traded funds (ETFs). Read more on the portfolios here.

  • Minimum investment amount is 50 Eur
  • We will set up and manage your securities portfolio, and will take all investment decisions related to it on discretionary basis
  • We will periodically assess suitability of your portfolio, taking into account the investor data you provide us with respect to a particular portfolio

Fees. Portfolio management (0.80%) and ETFs ongoing fees (0.10 - 0.17%) are applied which would total from 0.90% to maximum 0.97% per annum, based on portfolio value. 

For example, per every 100 Eur you invest, the annual fee to be paid by you would be from around 0.90 Eur to 0.97 Eur.

No additional fee for advising ETF portfolio is applied.

Once the ETF portfolio is set up, it can be conveniently managed in the “Investments” section of SEB mobile app. Select your ETF portfolio and press “Actions with portfolio” to invest additional funds, withdraw your investments, adjust the regular investment, update investor data, or terminate the service.

It is also possible to transfer additional investment amount directly to the portfolio account  via internet bank, however, the amount has to be at least EUR 50.

What is Robo-Advisor?

  • Robo-Advisor is an easy way to start investing. We will ask you to select the service you are willing to use and provide us with some information to prepare the investment solution suitable to you.
  • Afterwards, you will only need to review provided documentation, set up the payments and sign the agreement.
  • All solutions offered in Robo-Advisor take into account the aspect of sustainability.
  • Robo-Advisor is an automated service, and you will go through the session without our direct assistance. Should you have any questions during the session or afterwards, do not hesitate to contact us.

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