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We will help you to build up your financial buffer easier –
interest rate on 1-year fixed-term deposits were raised to 3.5%.

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Entering the adult world is easier when there is someone to rely on. Plan your financial future with SEB. 

Smart habits start with a bank card

Provide your child with necessary knowledge and tools, to help them make sound financial decisions in the future.

Updated internet bank

Constantly putting our best effort to improving our services to make them convenient, easy to use, and accessible to everyone, we are now beginning the process of renewing our internet bank.  

More modern in design, easier to use, and supplemented with additional functionalities – this is the updated internet bank that we are aiming for. 

New way to invest – Robo-Advisor

Receive personalised investment advice in the mobile app 24/7. It takes only 15 minutes, you can start with as little as 1 euro and no professional financial knowledge is needed.