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IT Services


Maintaining and improving the digital life-quality of SEB employees.

We leverage technology to improve productivity, efficiency and security of our business, solving IT incidents, managing and monitoring global IT systems, governing and administrating employee identity and providing authorisation services.

We also ensure all employees have easy-to-use digital tools for every step of their daily responsibilities and administrate remote services and databases, manage logs and develop integration platform components for SEB globally.

Two programmers discussing written code

Qualities we value

Innovative mindset
Collaboration skills
Passion for all things tech


Centre of Excellence for Integration

On a mission to accelerate SEB’s digital journey, we have started the Centre of Excellence for Integration, where we develop and maintain global Integration Platform components for various custom solutions. This means creating tools that automate selected functions of SEB and transform data between different systems in order to ensure smooth system operation throughout.


Aida is SEB’s intelligent digital assistant, able to help employees in basic everyday matters. Since 2016, she has been working at the IT Service Desk, helping out with unblocking accounts, fixing Wi-Fi problems, restoring passwords and granting network drive access. Today she handles around 16 percent of the incoming Service Desk questions.

Collaboration solutions

Collaboration Tools team is responsible for developing and maintaining solutions which allow effective collaboration in the IT Process and Governance areas. We educate users on these solutions, provide support and proactively try out new tools that can improve collaboration between SEB development teams.

Karolis. Solution Technician

As a senior integration technician, my job is to find, design and implement solutions which would allow different systems to exchange data. Working in a big international organisation has taught me to think on a broader scale. SEB Global Services taught me to see things from a sustainability point of view, and this affected the way I do, choose and use things, both in my work and my life.