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Save your resources
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We have created a way to see the invisible: How your lifestyle choices influence carbon dioxide emissions

  • The app is free of charge and available to everybody 
  • MyFootprint | SEB will provide you with insights and tips on how to decrease your carbon footprint 
  • Possibility to add your SEB account transactions and get an overview of your real transactions’ emissions

Why did we create this app?

Frequently asked questions

Calculate your carbon footprint

Each day our lifestyle choices make an impact on the environment. Do you know how much carbon emissions your actions generate every day? Use MyFootprint | SEB app to calculate your CO2 footprint.


Test your knowledge

How much do you know about sustainability? Test your knowledge by completing fun and simple challenges and compare your results to those of your friends and family. 


Get inspired to live more sustainably 

You might think it takes a lot of work to change your carbon footprint. In fact, you can start with small steps. Receive personalised tips on how you can make a difference. 

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Download the MyFootprint | SEB app and calculate your carbon footprint now:

One goal,
different lifestyles

We all have a personal story why we do things the way we do them. Get inspired by some of ours.


MyFootprint | SEB new functionality "Carbon tracker"

We are introducing new functionality called “Carbon tracker” in MyFootprint application, where you have the possibility to add SEB account transactions and get an overview of your real transactions’ emissions. In order to calculate emissions based on transactions consent needs to be concluded.

Transactional data is transferred via secure bank channels, consent is valid for 90 days and can be revoked by deleting the account from MyFootprint application. 

After calculations are processed the overview of transactions’ emissions across different periods is displayed. You have the possibility to check transactions emissions breakdown into different categories over the past 3 months and go into details with analyzing transactions emissions individually. With this additional functionality we are taking a step further in the journey of providing a more accurate carbon footprint based on real transactions.

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Your choices. Global changes.

What is our role in sustainability?

We contribute to sustainable development. We support customers who want to make the world a better place. As a bank, we have a central role and responsibility for allocating society's financial resources, how we work and where we invest.

Our primary focus areas are transport, energy and food. However, the investments needed to solve the challenges are enormous and require a universal commitment.

80% of the
energy consumed in our offices

is produced from renewable sources.


227 companies


have graduated from the Business growth programme which is aimed at supporting SMEs in the Baltics.


Sustainable head office

– SEB received BREEAM Outstanding certification.


Green leasing and green home loan

We encourage our customers to choose more environmentally friendly cars and homes by offering more beneficial terms for these products.

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Green loan for business

The green loan for business is aimed at the companies that help reduce climate change and have a positive impact on the environment. 

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Sustainable pension plans

Our customers believe that the income of investments should not be made at the expense of future generations.

Get to know our sustainable pension plans (LT)