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This pension fund is among TOP 3 according to return results from the start of activity.

Data source: Lietuvos bankas,
31 03 2022.
Fund for people born between 1989 and 1995
The investment risk of the fund is gradually reduced according to the age of the participant
The aim is to ensure the optimal ratio of risky and less risky asset classes throughout the accumulation period and to maximise returns for participants

Investment strategy


The fund's strategy is designed to ensure the optimal ratio of risky and less risky asset classes, taking into account the remaining duration of participation of the fund's participants in the pension accumulation system. At the beginning of the accumulation period, the share of risky investments in the fund is 98%; when the average age of the fund's participants reaches 47 years, it starts to decrease gradually every year until it reaches 18.5%.
The share of risky investments can be increased or decreased by 10%, i.e. depending on the situation in the financial markets, the share of risky investments can range from 88% to 100%, and from 8.5% to 28.5% at the end of accumulation.
The pension fund investments are distributed in such a way that the investment portfolio is sufficiently diversified, taking into account the specifics and interrelation of the investment asset class, geographical regions and sectors.

Fund investment strategy and benchmark composition (pdf)
Fund unit prices and changes

Fund costs

Management fee 0,50%
Company switching fee 0.05%

Management company – UAB SEB Investicijų Valdymas

Pillar 2 pension benefits

When you reach retirement age (or are awarded an early old-age pension), you are entitled to use the funds accumulated in the pension funds. The method of payment will depend on the accumulated amount.

When you reach retirement age, you can choose not to take any action and continue to accumulate in the funds if you are still receiving taxable income or want to leave the funds as an inheritance, or you can apply to the pension company and conclude a pension benefit agreement.

Lump-sum payments are made for accumulations of EUR 5,000 or less.

For accumulations of EUR 5,001-9,999, the funds are divided in equal parts and paid out in periodic payments until the age of 85.

For accumulations of EUR 10,000 or more, you will acquire a Sodra pension annuity that will provide periodic guaranteed payments for the rest of your life.

Why SEB?

Responsible approach and sustainable investment
One of the largest long-term life-cycle pension funds in the market
More than 311,000 participants have chosen SEB for second-pillar pension accumulation
Services that are easy to manage via online banking and valuable expert advice

Want advice on pension accumulation?

  • We will review your financial situation and goals, advise and recommend solutions

Administration fees are charged for pension accumulation. Information on the fees applied by all pension accumulation companies is available on this page of the Bank of Lithuania website.

The pension accumulation company does not guarantee the profitability of the pension funds. Future results may differ from previous results. The value of an investment can go up or down. You may get back less than you have invested.

After reaching retirement age, participants in the second-pillar pension accumulation system will receive a pension from two sources: Sodra and the pension fund. For participants who concluded pension accumulation agreements before 2019, the pension paid from Sodra (Pillar 1) is proportionally reduced in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on State Social Insurance Pensions, but only for participation in accumulation until 2019. The old-age pension (Pillar 1) paid by Sodra is no longer reduced as of 2019. For participants who concluded pension accumulation agreements before 2019 and terminated their participation in second-pillar pension accumulation funds prior to 30 June 2019, the pension paid from Sodra (Pillar 1) is not reduced for the period until 2019.

Please note that once concluded, a second-pillar pension accumulation agreement cannot be terminated unless it is being concluded for the first time, in which case the participant has the right to terminate it unilaterally within 30 calendar days of the date of conclusion by notifying the pension accumulation company thereof in writing.