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Save for your children’s dreams to come true and for the start of their independent life


Investing in the child’s future pays off

A driving licence, higher education, studies abroad or own housing – when time comes for children to start independent life, financial support from parents may be a very important stepping stone for them. In order to contribute to the independent life start of your children in the future, you should take action now.

There are various opportunities to take care of your child’s future. An easy and popular way to save is to accumulate funds having signed the unit-linked life insurance agreement “For Child Future”.

The service is provided by SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE Lithuanian branch.

More than 21 600 parents have been accumulating funds on the basis of the agreement “For Child Future”.
Parents on average allocate EUR 55/month for accumulation for their children’s future goals. The child benefit paid by the state in 2023 amounts to EUR 85,75/month.
The accumulation agreement is mainly signed with respect to children aged 1–3. The average accumulation period is 17 years.
When accumulating for children’s future, you become eligible for the personal income tax relief and a yearly refund of up to 20 per cent of premiums paid.

A possibility to get a refund of up to EUR 300 per year

Why to choose insurance “For Child Future”?

You can start accumulating with as few as EUR 20/month. You will choose the premium amount and payment frequency according to your saving goals and financial situation.
Premiums may also be paid by other persons, e.g. grandparents, godparents, and serve as a meaningful child’s birthday present.
The accumulated funds are invested, thus you are likely to earn more and protect your funds from depreciation.
Upon expiry of the agreement the accumulated amount will be paid out to the designated beneficiary or will be inherited.

You don’t have to be a specialist – we will assist you in selecting the premium investment plan

We will assist you in making a decision that best suits your needs. Register for a free of charge consultation and our managers will advise on the investment risk acceptable to you and assist you in selecting a suitable investment plan. You will be able to change the selected investment plan on SEB’s Internet Bank free of charge during the entire period of agreement validity, if necessary.

List of investment plans
Responsible investment

  • The investment plan should be selected with regard to the accumulation period and acceptable investment risk. 
  • Both the clients willing to take risk and aiming for higher return and the cautious clients agreeing with lower return and aiming to prevent drop in value of their investment will be able to select an acceptable investment plan among those offered by SEB.
  • Having evaluated your needs we will select an acceptable method of investment management – actively managed or passively managed (index) funds.
  • SEB investment plans ensure not only a competitive offer of funds, but also some of the lowest fund rates.

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Ensure sufficient income when you retire

  • Plan your future and make a decision on your better tomorrow today.
  • Monitor and manage your investments to secure a higher amount of savings.
  • The state promotes long-term accumulation – take advantage of the tax relief.

Disputes related to the insurance contract are resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached these are being looked at in out-of-court basis in accordance to with the procedure established by the legislation at the Bank of Lithuania (Gedimino pr. 6, Vilnius, more information at or in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.