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Service plan STARTAS for free* for 12 months

*A special offer for companies established during the previous 12 months

Please me reminded that starting on August 1, 2022, legal entities shall provide the information on their beneficiaries to the Beneficiaries Subsystem JANGIS of the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.
This obligation is being implemented due to the change in the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. 
If the data is not provided, we will not be able to consider starting a business relationship with an organisation.


Start service plan – 12 months free

For companies established during the previous 12 months*:


  • Administration fee will not be applied for transfer of funds in euros to your account
  • Free handling of bank accounts
  • Mastercard Business debit cards without a monthly fee
  • Free sending a new / renewed / replaced debit card Mastercard Business to client by regular post in Lithuania
  • Beneficial conditions for using payment terminals

*The offer is valid for companies established during the previous 12 months by opening current account with SEB.


The advantages of the Start service plan:


  • No minimum bank service fee for managing the company’s SEB accounts applies
  • E-channel users are offered a possibility to make an unlimited number of money transfers per month in all currencies to SEB bank in Lithuania and in euro free of charge to accounts with other banks registered in Lithuania, the European Union and the European Economic Area, in Switzerland, Monaco, Great Britain, San Marino and Andorra. In case of money transfers under an express payment order the standard fees and charges set in the bank's price list are applied
  • You can easily choose the most suitable plan for you via internet bank

The service is available to resident customers. Any legal person having its registered office outside Lithuania is classified as a non-resident customer. Within one year of applied the service plan STARTAS, it will be automatically terminated. The general price list and the terms and conditions of the services will be applied. Standard service charges will be applied for the services not included into Service Plan STARTAS.


Special POS terminal offer for new entities*

  • POS terminal monthly fee does not apply for the first year of its operation
  • Commission fee: 0.9 per cent per one card transaction amount and EUR 0.01 per one card transaction
  • After the first year of operation, EUR 12.00 POS terminal monthly fee is applied
  • The offer applies if the number of installed POS terminals per company is no more than three

*New entity means a company with its establishment date within the recent 12-month period.

How to become a customer of SEB Bank?

  1. Register your company and its name in the Centre of Registers (SERC) online*
  2. Book a meeting  at a bank sub-branch.
    If you are SEB’s private customer, you can open an account in the course of a remote meeting 
  3. Get ready for a meeting: bear the documents necessary for opening a bank account  

*if you are establishing a private limited company, you can open a savings account with SEB Bank on the website of the Centre of Registers using your mobile signature

Frequently asked questions

The service plan can be ordered by the head of the company or his authorised person or a person who is authorised by the head of the company to file payment orders in the agreement on electronic services signed between the company and the bank:

To order a service plan, the company needs to have at least one SEB account.
To order a service plan, non-SEB customers first need to open a SEB account. To learn the quickest way to do it, call us at +370 5 268 2822.

You can choose only one service plan. If you think it is worth changing your plan, you can do this by logging in to the internet bank, by phone +370 5 268 2822 or visiting a SEB bank unit.

The special concluding, monthly fee (for plans other than STARTAS and XS) is offered to companies that are users of at least one banking products or services from the following list:

  • business credit
  • account overdraft limit
  • factoring
  • cards acquiring service (POS)
  • non-cash settlement via internet service (Bank Link)
  • guarantee

Without extra charge you can make the defined number of online transfers (for plans other than STARTAS), while any surplus is subject to the standard fees from the bank’s price list.

Concluding fee is debited on the following day from your indicated account of signing the agreement if an ordered service plan is valid right away. - A concluding fee is not debited if an agreement starts to valid from the beginning of following month

  • The monthly fee is charged for the current month
  • The monthly fee is not charged on the date of signing the agreement
  • The monthly fee is charged on every month 4th day
  • If there are no sufficient funds on the linked bank account, the fee will be debited from your other accounts in any currencies
  • If you terminate the agreement before the end of the month, the fee will not be refunded and standard service fees from the bank’s price list will start to apply.
  • The concluding, monthly fee is charged even if you do not use the services included in the plan
  • The agreement takes effect on the date when it is signed by both parties, i.e. you and the bank. There is no contract for the service plan STARTAS. The plan may take effect immediately or from the beginning of the following month. Service plan STARTAS takes effect within 3 business days
  • If the agreement is made online, it takes effect on the date when you log in to the internet bank and confirm the fact of making the agreement. Service plan STARTAS takes effect within 3 business days and is valid 12 months
  • The service plan (except STARTAS) is valid until the agreement is terminated. Service plan STARTAS is valid 12 months

To change the plan, log into the internet bank, by phone +370 5 268 2822 or visit a bank unit. Once the plan has been changed, a new agreement is signed which will valid from the following month. After a new agreement is signed, the terms and rates defined in it start to apply. If you would like to change the service plan STARTAS, you must first terminate it and order the following one only after confirmation of the termination of the service plan STARTAS

You can cancel the agreement anytime subject to informing the bank:


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